Property Services

Property Management

Our management team provides superior customer service, which increases tenant retention, allows us to outperform the market in terms of occupancy and rent, and ultimately increases the value of our assets.

Whatever an Asset Needs, We Have a Team For It

  • CapRidge Management, LLC is the property management and construction management division of CapRidge Partners provided solely to CapRidge Partners assets.
  • Full-time property management staff serve each of our markets.
  • Our property management team provides a higher level of attention and service due to being vested and fully-engaged CapRidge employees, giving us a competitive advantage over other firms that have this service separate from ownership.

Project Advisory

Our tenured Engineering and Project Advisory experts help us make informed investment decisions and accurately underwrite an acquisition based on realistic expectations and capabilities.

Quality at Every Stage is Key to a Successful Investment

Attention to Detail From Start to Finish

  • Working with tenants from start to finish on tenant improvement projects helps ensure the delivery of high-quality spaces and, most importantly, happy tenants.
  • Onsite engineers, led by our Director of Engineering, serve each of our properties. Hands-on oversight of engineering projects is critical as this impacts the daily experience of our tenants. Typical projects might include roofs, chillers, and other HVAC projects, energy efficiency improvements, and parking lots.
  • Construction activity is overseen by our Director of Engineering. Typical areas of emphasis include the selection and oversight of architecture and design teams, working with general contractors, conducting budget analysis, contract negotiations, and all facets of project oversight and delivery.

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