Building lasting relationships, grounded in trust.

CapRidge Partners is a vertically integrated real estate investment company with extensive experience in identifying and leveraging opportunities in commercial real estate. First and foremost, we are service-oriented, caring about all stakeholders — from our investors who partner with us on each project to our tenants who occupy the spaces we build.

Investment Management Teams

The Investment Management team is led by the Investment Committee and includes Asset Management, Acquisition, and Investor Relations, teams.  Each team is represented on the Investment Committee.  All key investment decisions including acquisitions, dispositions, financing, or other capital transactions must be approved unanimously by the IC.

Tom Stacy and Kevin Black have worked together for over 20 years and have extensive backgrounds as real estate operators. The former head of the Emerging Manager program at Teachers’ Retirement System of Texas, Stuart Bernstein, brings decades of institutional expertise to our business.

Investment Committee

Tom Stacy - Founder - CapRidge Partners

Tom Stacy

Kevin Black - COO & Partner - CapRidge Partners

Kevin Black

Chief Operating Officer & Partner
Stuart Bernstein - Partner - CapRidge Partners

Stuart Bernstein


Acquisitions & Asset Management

Dan Terpening - Managing Director - CapRidge Partners

Dan Terpening

Managing Director
Jason Levine - Director - CapRidge Partners

Jason Levine

Bryan Odom - Director - CapRidge Partners

Bryan Odom

Cam Arnold - Senior Analyst - CapRidge Partners

Cam Arnold

Senior Analyst
Chad Baldwin - Senior Analyst - CapRidge Partners

Chad Baldwin

Senior Analyst
Grace Langsfeld - Analyst - CapRidge Partners

Grace Langsfeld


Investor Relations

William Knox

Bill Knox

Managing Director
Matthew Swan - Associate Director - CapRidge Partners

Matthew Swan

Associate Director
Megan McCarver - Associate - CapRidge Partners

Megan Shah


Operation Management Teams

The Operations Management teams include Property Management, Engineering, and Project Advisory.  Their role is to provide top level customer service to our tenants to help execute the asset level business plans.

Property Management

Jerry Walsh - CapRidge Partners

Jerry Walsh

Southeast Regional Property Manager
Kristen Schwartz - CapRidge Partners

Kristen Schwartz

Southwest Regional Property Manager
Lauren Briggs - CapRidge Partners

Lauren Briggs

Director of Property Accounting


Jack Beverly - CapRidge Partners

Jack Beverly

Director of Engineering

Project Advisory

Jim McLaughlin - Project Manager - CapRidge Partners

Jim McLaughlin

Project Manager
Steve Leblanc - CapRidge Partners

Steve LeBlanc

Senior Advisor